Our Webswing experience

Rimfrost was developed years ago by a small group of enthusiasts. It presents a wide array of climate data in a friendly GUI. While the data is continuously updated, the code has been stuck in very old-style Java. It started out as an applet in a time when java support was standard in browsers. Over the years Java in browsers has become impossible. Further, even distributing Java apps for local use is a larger and larger challenge. Few people have java installed these days, and there are many hoops to jump through to get past the security checks of modern OSes.

Because the information presented is more relevant than ever, we wanted to update, but the codebase is large and not very well structured. Thus, it would be a huge job to rewrite it in modern web technologies. Our budget is very close to zero, so this was not feasible. That is when we discovered Webswing. We had a version up and running within a couple of hours. There were some bugs to sort out, but these turned out to be all within our app or missing data files. Webswing worked flawlessly all the time.

We hope you enjoy Rimfrost. Now without having to install Java!